I will definitely be joining for future events. I was very impressed by the organization, people, and trip as a whole. I've been telling everyone about you guys...so glad my friend invited me to go!

Courtney M

Brian, just wanted to again thank you for all your hard work....it truly showed how much time and effort you put into your trips.... Ravens Roost 50 appreciates being able to sit together at the game and I am confident you will be first on our list for future trips.

Karen H

Thanks for an amazing experience. We rode on bus #2 and we were absolutely thrilled from beginning to rainy end, especially myself being a RAVENS FAN. The people were ultra friendly, the drinks and food were intoxicating along with an excellent DJ. This trip was well organized which is a rarity. And even though my companions team (SHITSBURGH) did not WIN and are now couch potatoes he was extremely ESTATIC about picking up a new Steelers jersey for their collection. Yes! We look forward to traveling with you again. P.S. We will be referring your services!

Annie & Derek

The only way to celebrate before an NFL playoff game is with Brian from Bmore Around Town! Great food, beverage and company! Thank your for taking such good care of the players' families. You are awesome!

Judd McPherson (Brandon Williams Father)

I love Bmore Around Town, they're like family and you never leave an event without a big smile on your face no matter if we won or lost! The fun, the people and unforgettable memories will make you want more, BMORE!!!

Debbie K.

For the best Orioles and Ravens tailgate, you can depend on BMORE Around Town. All you can eat, drink, and even tickets to the event for a low cost. The staff is very customer oriented and always delivers the highest professionalism.

Brian M.

Fantastic group of people! Organized and best tailgate ever!

Christine M.

Amazing group to tailgate with! Joined the tailgate in Cleveland this year back in September (we came from Toronto - Canada) and everyone was amazing to be with! Awesome to party with like minded Ravens fans at away games! Thanks for welcoming us and we can't wait to party with everyone this weekend in Pittsburgh!

Kristina S.

Great group! Can't wait to travel with them again.

Angie H.

I wish i could give this another 5 stars after every event. Always a good time!

Mike F.

I've planned road trips every season since 2004. My largest trip has been 65 people, so I have a good idea the level of effort required to plan such an event. From start to finish, this trip was excellent. I think you just forced me to retire from planning future Ravens road trips.


I can't say enough good things about the entire experience and can't wait to travel again with BMORE!


BMORE crew did awesome. I will definitely recommend to my family & friends. I will definitely travel again with this crew! I will definitely attend the home tail gates as well.


You know it's an amazing tailgate you guys put on when the opposing team fans come over and have more of a blast than our Ravens group! Your guys are top shelf by far!! Saw this first hand in Buffalo.

Brian Sp.

Just wanted to again thank you and your staff for a fantastic trip to the West Coast to watch our beloved Orioles. Everything was first class. The group was great and very friendly. Looking forward to seeing you again on September 24 when the Orioles celebrate another win.


I want to thank the crew at Bmore around town what a great weekend I had in Oakland/San Francisco trip. What a professional group of people. I recommend booking a trip with Bmore around town I know I will.


You are all awesome!!! Can't thank you enough for one of the best trips I've been on. A whirlwind of fun with a great group of fellow Orioles fans in beautiful San Francisco. Thanks for all the hard work you did getting this trip together for us. Looking forward to traveling with Bmore Around Town again!!


Thanks BMORE guys for an outstanding time. This was my family's first road trip and looking forward to the next one.


Bmore are the best hosts,Brian and his crew go out of there way to make sure everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. Its like tailgating with family!


Nothing will ever top the Super Bowl XLVII trip, but this was another fantastic trip. Kudos to Brian and Chris for a job well done! I appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into making this such a fun trip for all us fans. I look forward to many more!


Brian & his crew are the best!!! I had a disability situation and they were very accommodating from early boarding, to handicap accessible room, to changing my game seating,etc. Thank you so much for making this trip enjoyable!!!


Brian n Chris were outstanding!!! Knowledgeable, helpful, organized and fun!

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